Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Reassuring Poem for a Child at bedtime

If truth be known
I can bestow
A blessing on your brow
To shield you well
From harmful spell
And peacefulness bestow

In loving space
You have a place
To feel safe from harm
To know with cert
Your heartful strain
Will soon come to calm

Be reassured
And be spared
From worry and distress
You're home again
Come to rest
Relax in loving balm

Your mum is near
And all is clear
Your shine will soon return
Just breathe muck out
And clean the guff
Flush all the murky goo

And soon you'll find
That glowing spark
Will be all fresh and new
With spring in step
Regained with help
Your soul will be renewed

A gentle caress
Will cleanse the mess
And serenity return
To give you all
So you recall
The pleasantness in your chest

A calm mind and happy heart
A peaceful bod and soul
All at rest, and at its best
Soft, gentle is the goal
It is achieved, as you recede
in slumber, back to whole

And in the morn
No more forlorn
The yuckiness is gone
You will return
Fresh and cured
of energetic scorn

So rest my love
Let all recede
And heal over night
With dreams of bliss
And one more kiss
Upon your resting brow

Your Angels and your Spirit guides
Are always ever near
To guide you well
And calmly tell
You what you need to hear
Be still, and listen, dear.

One final thing
While breathing deep
In sleeping solitude
You're deeply loved
Just as you are
And so loving too.

No need for pretence
or stoic tense
Just let it all hang out
Your authentic self
is welcome here
It's nice to have you back.

Good night my love
Sleep tight my love
Good Night
Good Night
Good Night

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved.

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