Wednesday, 4 September 2013

'I could...'

I love my work and all of its facets. Much of it recently has involved helping people negotiate changes at work such as the loss of a job. And there can be much to contemplate in that process.

It often interests me that many people then try to recreate what they have lost, and in doing so, may miss the opportunity to really look at what else they could do.

Life changes. And we change. Everything is evolving. What was right for us once may no longer be the best for us next. And we can take what we have learned, our skills, interests, our more complete selves into those next opportunities. And become more authentic in our work. I call it the re-authenticating process. Who am I now? What could I do?

It is at that place of being in the question that each of us can get a chance to contemplate what 'I could...', What is my loving work? What would I like to do with my life? That is the inner exploration.

The following is what came to me during one of those contemplative days to keep me motivated in my own exploration.

If you are in a life question, you may like to recite it or adapt it for yourself in the direction of the fresh and new authentic you...

Silhouette of Dawn
Through curtains drawn
Golden morning beholding
Possibilities unfolding.

Choices to be made
Give, Receive, Trade
Meeting the opportunities
Loving new communities

Plans to make
Actions to take
Step by step in the moment
Floating in Divine movement

Leaving, and weaving
Past to Future, Streaming.

End, and Beginnings
With all of the trimmings
Standing tall, heart and soul
No more misgivings.

A new consciousness beckons
I take the road to the heavens
Leaving behind
Life less of my kind.

Thank You. Now True.

And, once you are more decided, then "I can" and "I will" kicks in...

Best wishes in your truer you exploration.

SaraSwati Shakti

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