Tuesday, 24 September 2013

ManWoman. Art.

Art for me is an inner expression. It is representational art. Of what I and my subconscious are working on or experiencing at any given time. It informs me of my process. Brings it into conscious form. And often simplifies it to a core message.

One of the processes we are collectively working on is the balancing, and bringing into cooperative and collaborative alignment, our masculine and our feminine. Qualities that combined are essential to giving wholeness.

And what does that mean? It is the divine interplay between our own inner masculine and feminine energies so that we can apply them in our more refined outer existence.

Whether you call it animus and anima as Jung put it, or Shiva and Shakti, Adonai and Shekinah, right and left brain, conscious and subconscious, Sun and Moon, God and Goddess, or any term in any tradition, it is how we work with our feminine flow and masculine structure.

The qualities of the feminine can be both positive and negative. Likewise the masculine has light and shadow elements.

Our task is to focus on the virtues of each to bring about an alchemical process of being more complete. And that's where the magic is. Things work better for us.

It is a big, beautiful, and often complex topic.

Today, as a simple visual representation, here is how my own art expression showed me the balance.

I have included both the raw form drawing at the top. The one that flowed from my feminine subconscious. And then the more structured form below it, refined by an artist.

Both are beautiful. Each is valid. Inner expression and outer representation. Flow and structure. Subconscious and Conscious Collaboration.

Notice how the masculine and the feminine, side by side, each bring golden gifts into the world as they deposit their jewels into troughs of abundance.

Wishing each of us an abundant collaborative journey from idea to reality with our feminine and masculine forms.

SaraSwati Shakti

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