Friday, 6 September 2013

My Body is a Wonderland

I was contemplating how so many of us are getting back into our bodies. Giving them the honour they deserve. After all they are the vessels of our spirit, our senses, our intuition, our life force, and deserve special care and attention, always.

Certainly after the winter hibernation and rest, it feels right to get the blood flowing and our bodies moving again. But we can also overdo it. And damage ourselves by doing so.

So it's also the perfect opportunity to learn to really tune into our bodies and what they are communicating to us.

Our bodies have wisdom.

They tell us when we are stiff, tired, sore, uncomfortable and where we may need to nurture ourselves, take it more slowly, breathe more fully, rest more deeply. And when we invest in this gentleness, the strength, stamina and endurance are more sustainable and rewarding as well.

When and how far to move, the pace, the progress and the rigour are all matters for us to consider. In work, or in play, are we working too hard? too forcefully? Or does it flow naturally?

It's worth listening to that and responding. Taking a kind approach. Having the discipline to scan around and check in with all parts of ourselves to see where we need to attend.

Our bodies are too precious not to give them the loving care that will keep them happy, healthy and vital.

So for me...

My body is a wonderland
Her intelligence is right at hand
She teaches me what I need to know
Wisdom flowing through her so

I clothe her, bathe her
Because WonderGod made her
So very right
For my earthly delight

And when she hurts I attend
to what she needs to mend
She is so precious and so true
She tells me what I need to do

I take care of this wonder world
with nourishing air, water, food
& enough exercise to keep her ripe
essential, pleasured, supple, light

And thank you John Mayer for the inspiration today.

Enjoy your beautiful bodies in this beautiful sunshine.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved

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