Monday, 14 July 2014

Heartfelt Bonding

When my son was little, I created, and narrated, stories for him. At sleep time. The lights out, we would go on an imaginative adventure together. Side by side. I'd make up the words as I'd go, with him as the hero, and he would have a chance to steer the process. Adjust the story, ask questions, and make observations, about how it was unfolding. Sometimes funny, sometimes bold. And always a precious time for the two of us to bond.

Real one-on-one bonding time between parents and children is always precious. Neither of you will ever forget it. How it felt and what it reflected. When you are together in the creative life process.

The child and the adult, indulging in the innocence, and the brilliance, of the wonderland of existence. A marvellous gentleness and expressiveness.

Those moments of connectedness, between individual souls. Where discussions, imaginations, questions, options, temptations, and truisms can come to the fore. Through stories, poems, pictures, and drawings.

Reading, sharing, and communicating. Reciting, creating, and looking. At pictures. For revealing who each of you are, at heart. And how you see things.

That is why Heart Art mandala'verse is so useful. You, and your child, can sit with it, look at it, and read it together. And if you are both big and brave enough, go on your own together adventure. Of then drawing your heart art universe in a picture. Each separately, and put them together. Or a combined adventure. With a chance to talk about the evolving art story, and writing the words as they are emerging. Creating your own story picture at a point in time.

What a wonderful, real, and intimate way to indulge in the moment.

Talking of dreams, and feelings, and what it's like, to flow through the creative process that is theirs, yours, and 'together ours'.

Sharing a bonding visually. And a word, a rhyme, or a picture to steer you, with a meaning,
and your evolving, solving, creative life story.

Just like Early Bird, well groomed, in Heart Art mandala'verse, the book.

I invite you to obtain a copy and share pictures and poems together. And then try your own. And see. Where it takes you. On your own artistic adventure.

Details of the book can be found here Heart Art mandala'verse

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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