Sunday, 22 June 2014

Inner Beauty

Last week I drew a mandala. Of a Swan. The Swan, itself, a symbol of reflection. She reflected back to me my inner beauty. And the messages I needed to feel. And to give me confidence. That I was doing ok. On that morning. Reassured by the presence of her, and my own beauty, during a new experience for me. I was being filmed for an author video of Heart Art manadalverse, my book. Itself a collection of drawings that reflected for me my heart and poetic art yearnings.

And this Swan in the mandala I drew last week, while she was gliding gracefully, was not the traditional pure white. She is also fuschia and pink. Unique. Like me, and You. Each of us our own interpretation of beauty in whatever is evolving within.

The image of a Swan is meant to enhance the divine qualities of the higher self, and the soul, such as light, love, grace, inspiration, intuition, and self-transformation. It reflects femininity, beauty, sensitivity, and melancholy. I know, they are all parts of me. I am calling her Pleasantly Poised and Pretty. And here she is

And you can interpret it anyway you wish. Because your point of beauty reference is to you unique.

The deeper meaning for me is that the Swan is the companion of the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, my spiritual namesake. Watching over me. And Saraswati when broken up as Sara and Swa means Essence of Self. That is why I emphasise the two elements of her name. As that's what each of us is. The essence of our unique self presence. Artistically, uniquely, our own present, to the world.

Art helps us find our beauty. In whatever way we experience it. As drawing, doodling, or simply observing.

Heart Art mandala'verse is a range of my drawings from when my life was messy, and the drawings themselves were uneasy. Yet, in the messiness, and un-elegance, I still found beauty. That is the book's message. Even in the darkness, there is light. Even in the messy, there is sight. Even in the imperfect, there is beauty. Surrendering to it helps us discover our own unique 'pretty'.

Devoid of my story, the book allows the experiencer to reflect on the images, and the words in it, so they can see what the reflection is for them in it.

May you always find your unique inner expressive beauty in whatever place and space you find yourself experiencing. And may we all find our unique creativity.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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